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Tropical Rainforest Animals

"Discover the Biological Diversity of the Jungle"

If you're looking to get away...Costa Rica is the getaway place for you...

Tropical rainforest animals flourish in the lush habitats of the tropic zones of Costa Rica. These diverse lowland and hill forests, mangrove swamps, mountaintops, rivers and wetlands, peatlands, limestone outcrops and other ecosystems swarm with wildlife in every nook and cranny. And this habitat variety leads to animal abundance as species feed on different plants and prey and occupy different layers of the rainforest - from forest floor to forest canopy.

While large birds and mega-fauna - Jaguars, Monkeys, Snakes - get most of the tourist attention, remember that each forest is full of fascinating wild creatures like  lizards, stick insects, beautiful butterflies, colorful birds and rare frogs too. Enjoy finding the leaf-mimic Costarrican horned frog as much as sighting a flock of Scarlet Macaws in flight.

So what kind of wildlife can you expect to see or hear on your next jungle adventure? Most tropical rainforest animals evolve to be hidden, not seen. The jungle is full of surprises because wild animals use natural color and camouflage to avoid detection among thick leaves, long trees and rock crevices. Wildlife observation takes a bit of practice, so be patient, alert and savor all big and small wild sightings in the jungle. For a better rainforest experience hire a nature guide or join an environmental group or society and share the outdoor adventure education.

Where can you find a lizard the size of a Jaguar, a snake that can fly, or a spider that eats birds? All in Costarrican tropical rainforests, of course! Tropical rainforests are home to many of the strangest-looking and most beautiful, largest and smallest, most dangerous and least frightening, loudest and quietest animals on earth. You've probably heard of some of them; jaguars, toucans, parrots, giant Iguanas, and tarantulas all make their homes in tropical rainforests. But have you ever heard of the aye-aye? Or the okapi? There are so many fascinating animals in tropical rainforests that millions haven't been named or even identified yet. In fact, about half of all the world's species live in tropical rainforests. Take a tour of the many exotic Costarrican Rainforest animals you will see on this website., and if you enjoy my website, please make a small donation by clicking the Donation Button you see on this page....it will be greatly appreciated!! Scott Fitzgerald

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